Howard Community College Microsite

ūü•áNational¬†Council for Marketing &¬†Public Relations, 2018 Paragon Award (Gold)

Howard Community College is located in Columbia, Maryland, and serves as the primary hub for higher learning in one of the most vibrant, best-educated counties in the state. The primary HCC website serves a wide range of stakeholders that include the likes of adults & military veterans wishing to continue their education but it can also be a bit overwhelming to high school students who may not be familiar with the college application process. The Public Relations & Marketing department along with the Web Services team wanted to create an experience which targeted prospective students and their parents.

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Discovery & Design

Having identified our target audience during the initial phase of the project, internal discussions and interviews with focus groups followed with an overarching expectation of providing a unique experience that highlighted the institution's campus while simultaneously bringing awareness to select programs and tuition savings vs. that of a traditional 4-year college. A purposeful experience would allow students and their parents to plan their visit to campus and ultimately apply for admission.

Components and layout in Figma for HCC microsite
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The final product is an engaging experience supported by beautiful photography featuring the college's campus. A persistent navigation on both mobile and desktop focused on primary call-to-action items. While subtle transitions between sections and easing of numbers helped visualize and highlight cost-savings and scholarships for students.

In 2018, the site received a Paragon Award (Gold) from the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations which recognizes outstanding achievement in design and communication at two-year community and technical colleges.

HCC High School Microsite design
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