Radar Relay Marketing


Radar, a fintech startup located in Denver, rocketed onto the Colorado startup scene in 2017, raising $10 million in a Series A funding round and becoming the first blockchain company in the state to earn a grant from the Office of Economic Development and International Trade.

Radar needed a viable solution to onboard and educate users to Relay, their first product offering, on blockchain technology and best practices. With the objective set, a plan of action to invoke user confidence through a single-page experience was in motion.

Radar Fort Collins office
Welcome packet upon arrival
Discovery & Design

One of the challenges faced when creating Radar's marketing sites was keeping users engaged. Being clear and concise in our delivery was vital, but with blockchain being such a new and often complex topic, it wasn't a simple task.

So, during the empathy phase of our human-centered design process, we challenged ourselves to answer the following question -- What made users feel a sense of accomplishment and growth when introduced to a new learning experience?

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Utilizing macro & micro design techniques we were able to create an experience which focused on accessibility & internationalization. While leveraging visual cues such as progress indicators and imagery with subtle micro-interactions assisted in user engagement; logical placement of call-to-action items, ease of use and familiarity led the way in our macro design approach.

GWEI hero graphic
Hardware Wallets hero graphic
Short Tokens graphic
Token Allowance graphic